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Strengthening Your Leadership Skills through Building Balanced Empathy

Self-Care Strategies for Leaders: How a practice of self-care can enhance a leader’s performance and impact on their team.

As much as we like to think we are independent, the reality is that we are all inter-connected.

This inter-dependence can make many of us feel emotionally overwhelmed, leading to an emotional disconnect towards others. But this inter-dependence also creates an opportunity to develop and embrace the quality of empathy, not only towards others but also ourselves.

In this workshop, we examine what may cause us to feel emotionally overwhelmed and disconnected, which often creates stress. We explore vulnerability, emotional resilience and empathy.

Through various activities we will learn how to empathize from the heart and from the head.

This ability will allow you to:

  • Develop and nurture a calmer and more focused mind
  • Identify what pushes you out of balance, allowing the space for wiser choices
  • Develop better self-understanding and therefore real empathy towards others and yourself
  • Develop stronger emotional resilience
  • Foster closer and more nurturing relationship with family, friends and co-workers
  • Develop greater compassion for yourself and others.

This workshop is over presented over a 6 hour period, possibly two workshops of three hours each or three of two hours.

It is well known that leaders face constant demands every day; from budget issues to HR issues, the list never ends. These demands create a huge amount of stress. In order for their teams to be successful, leaders must develop and integrate strategies of self-care. Leaders must lead by example.

In this workshop, we focus on the whole concept of self-care and leadership: how a practice of self-care can enhance a leader’s performance and impact on their team.

We explore:

  • The dangers of stress and the importance of self-care for leaders
  • Traits of leaders with a self-care practice
  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • The importance of focusing versus multi-tasking
  • Mindful leadership and its connection to well being of individuals and performance of teams
  • Uncovering values and beliefs vs demands and commitments
  • Blending work and personal life
  • Strategies for self-care

Through discussion and experiential activities, the participants explore ways to integrate more self-care practices in their daily routine and leave with a personalized plan.

The Mindful Workplace: Creating an environment that supports wellbeing, resilience, harmony and connection

Facilitating a Culture of Mindfulness supporting Well Being and Stress Management

Increasing workloads and tighter deadlines are often the major challenges of today’s work life. Without effective tools to deal with the pressure and stress, emotional, physical and mental imbalance at work and at home are often the result. It is possible to live up to the demands, and to do so with clarity, creativity, kindness and happiness.

In this workshop, we explore how the integration of the practice of mindfulness can benefit not only yourself but the people who work with and for you. From an understanding of what mindfulness is and through practical exercises, discussion and action plan, participants will leave with a sense of being back in control.

As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to shape the culture of your organization. It is now well researched and known that organizations that are committed to supporting their employees in a compassionate way and that embrace a culture of mindfulness is a successful workplace, where employees are less stressed, more productive and actually enjoy their work more.

In this workshop, participants discover the qualities of mindful and compassionate organizations, and how they can truly change the work experience of everyone. As role models, participants explore their own self-compassion and stress management techniques. Strategies to facilitate the development and to support a culture of mindfulness and compassion are reviewed.

Quieting The Mind: The Connection between Mindfulness Practice and Well Being

Work-Life Balance: Dream or reality? Strategies for stress management and finding balance in life

We live in a fast pace world. It is easy to get caught up in the chaos each day brings. And with chaos comes a sense of overwhelm and anxiety, of being stressed and not knowing what to do about it. When this happens, our well being takes a toll, our connection to others is strained, and our ability to enjoy the moment is lost.

In this workshop, we explore how we can bring ourselves back to the present moment by developing a practice of mindfulness that will help us develop greater resilience, be less reactive, re-connect with others, and increase our well being.

From morning to night, our days are filled with demands and competing commitments from work and our personal life. Stuck between wanting to tend to all demands and our own needs, our stress levels go through the roof, our health is jeopardized and our relationships strained. Work-life balance and stress management are important to our well being but is this only a dream or is it possible to achieve?

In this workshop, participants explore the practice of attention management, the concept of energizers and de-energizers, self-care and self-compassion and how each of these practices can contribute to a renewed sense of control and wellbeing.

Mindful Goal Setting

Building Inner Strength: Exploring 16 Guidelines to transform your life and relationships

Have you ever set goals and found that you were not as committed to them as you thought or perhaps these goals were really set by someone else for you? Of course you have…

When we set goals that are harmonious with who we are and what we truly value, our ability to meet these goals enhance our self-esteem and our well being in general. Mindfulness allows us to be more self-aware of what is truly important to us and  understand what might be in our way of achieving these goals.

In this workshop, participants go beyond the normal goal setting process and explore concepts of the intention pyramid, strategic intentions and time mapping and leave with a plan to make their goals not only achievable but also inspiring.

Many of us search all our life for our Holy Grail to happiness and well being, yet the answer often lies within us.

Drawing on proven techniques from modern psychology, ethics, cognitive behavioural approaches, and centuries-old Eastern philosophy, 16 Guidelines is a holistic approach to increase our emotional resilience, confidence and overall well being. The idea behind the 16 guidelines is simple: to change the way we experience the world, we transform the way we think, act, and relate to others to find meaning.

In this workshop, you learn practical techniques, including mindfulness, to improve personal relationships at home, reduce stress in the workplace, and overall increase your sense of happiness and well being.

This workshop is a taster to a two day workshop that looks at the neuroscience behind happiness and introduces "The 16 Guidelines “ which provide practical tools for a more meaningful, fulfilled life.

Want to experience the full potential of the 16 Guidelines? The workshop is delivered over two days with a deeper exploration of each guideline and theme, and a deeper experience of various techniques and tools.

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